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Ayadina’s Soup Kitchen


"Cooked & Served from our hearts with your generous donation to Ayadina Association”

Ayadina is an NGO the AWC Caring Committee has had a long relationship with beginning in 2005.  Now in 2019-2020 as the economic situation in Lebanon continued to worsen and Covid 19 to spread, it became apparent at Ayadina that the members of the Senior Citizens’ Club who could no longer socialize on the premises would need extra care.  Ayadina decided to open a Soup Kitchen in April to meet this need. Now every Thursday about 70 seniors are offered a takeaway hot meal along with a salad and dessert. Some of them live with other family members who also rely on these takeaway meals to survive. Keeping the soup kitchen open continues to be a challenge financially. In keeping with the AWC’s long relationship with Ayadina, the Caring Committee made a donation in November to support the Soup Kitchen for 2 Thursdays. Grace el Gebeily, the cook at Ayadina, sent photos and this thank you.

Avance School for Epilepsy and Special  Needs

Christiane Haddad and Sherry Mikadisha visited the Avance School for Epilepsy and Special  Needs on November 10.  We were pleased to know that the damage caused to the school by the Port blast had been repaired with the help of the Lions Club.  The founder of the school, Arlett Honein, continues to struggle financially though but is determined to keep the school open.   At present, the students attend in two shifts with only 6 students in each classroom.   AWC was able to help with our donation to purchase much needed supplies for the children such as cloth masks, face shields, sanitizer, construction paper, crayons, pens, and notebooks to name some. The pictures here illustrate our donation.  In addition to our donation, we put Arlette in touch with the vice president of Beytna Beytak, an NGO we donated to, who passed on the additional needs of the school to other NGOs in her network. Hopefully she will receive additional help

In Memory of AWC Members Who Have Passed

In keeping with the tradition of planting a tree in memory of an AWC member who has passed, the Caring Committee contacted the Shouf Biosphere Reserve who have an adopt a cedar tree program for a small donation. This organization replaces the AUB Nature Conservation Center used in the past because they are no longer able financially to continue planting trees at this time. Three cedar trees, already planted due to the best planting time, will be adopted in memory of long time members;

Elizabeth Yared (1933-2018)   

Karen Labban (1941-2019)

Elizabeth (Betty) Sabieh (1931-2020)

A plague with the name is placed next to the adopted cedar tree. Choosing one member as an example, it will read

"In memory of AWC member Betty Sabieh 1931-2020"

The AWC Heart Pillow Project

The heart pillow project in partnership with the Lebanese Breast Cancer Foundation continues to bring comfort to women who have had a mastectomy.  In early August, 30 heart pillows were delivered to Zeinab in the LBCF office at AUH. Once again she expressed what a comfort they are to mastectomy patients.

Thanks to the sewing skills of Material Girls group, there is a large supply of pillows just waiting to be stuffed and sewn closed! Once we can hopefully have our monthly general meetings, pillow stuffing will be on the agenda


On October 9th, our treasurer May Safi met up with Dr. Jackie Kassouf at the DiaLeb office to present her with our donation for the purchase of diabetes medication. She has since reported that our donation will help twelve people for two months.

Below is the acknowledgement of our donation.

Dear AWC team, 

Hope this email finds you well. Thank you for your donation to the DiaLeb - National Diabetes Organization. It really makes a difference for people with diabetes and other chronic disease in our community. Your financial support helps us to continue our mission of providing diabetes medication for people in most need during these difficult times

The AWC Caring Committee has been working to contribute to the relief effort after the Beirut port blast on August 4, 2020.   Below are two modest, but heartfelt initiatives that we have completed to help those in need. Check back often - we plan to do more!!

** note picture is of 2 top stovetops - we purchased 3 tops


The AWC board agreed in late August to purchase of 10 - 3 top stovetops requested by Baytna Baytak (My House is Your House).  On September 4, a young man from STREET, an initiative associated with Baytna Baytak, collected the 10 stovetops for distribution to families in Katantina, a poor area hit hard by the blast.   Below is just a part of the acknowledgement of our donation: 

Dearest lovely ladies of the American Women's Club,

I trust this letter finds you well. First and foremost, we would like to thank you for your constant support and creative ways of helping us and the Lebanese community.   It means a great deal to us to see this kind of support and kindness from our surrounding community.   Your donation of 8 burners to STREET and 2 burners to Baytna Baytak will be going to help displaced families rebuild their homes and lives.

Best Regards,

Melissa M. Fathallah - Active member in STREET crises management and a founder of Baytna Baytak.

For more information about AWC-Lebanon - mailto:info@AWC-Lebanon.org

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